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Community Development

The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

Rural community development is a process conducted by community members. It is a process where local people can not only create more jobs, income and infrastructure, but also help their community become fundamentally better able to manage change. The “concrete” benefits of community development, such as employment and infrastructure, come through local people changing attitudes, mobilising existing skills, improving networks, thinking differently about problems, and using community assets in new ways. Community development improves the situation of a community, not just economically, but also as a strong functioning community in itself. Rural community development builds the five capitals of a community – physical, financial, human, social and environmental. It is through participation in their community that people rethink problems and expand contacts and networks; building social capital. They learn new skills, building human capital. They develop new economic options, building physical and financial capital. They also can improve their environment.

La Paz Community Development
Town of Parker Community Development
Town of Parker Economic Development
Colorado River Indian Tribes, Planning Department

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