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The economic vitality of the La Paz area benefits every business owner as well as those entities that contribute to our quality of life. Healthcare, social services, education and governmental services all benefit from a growing and prosperous economy in the region. The La Paz Economic Development Corporation is committed to assisting our existing businesses expand and to attracting quality industries to the region. As a financial contributor to this endeavor you will assist the La Paz Economic Development Corporation in developing existing and new businesses, including your own, to their fullest potential.


La Paz Economic Development Corporation.

  • Provides a county-wide economic development organization
  • Provides a single point of contact for industries considering locating in La Paz County
  • Represents our region's interests locally, within Arizona, nationally and globally
  • Is committed to business retention, expansion and attraction throughout the La Paz area with the goal of creating quality jobs for our residents
  • Promotes county-wide communication and coordination on a broad range of issues affecting economic development
  • Provides educational economic development opportunities with a focus on long term workforce and leadership development
  • Has established a website and inventory of available properties, both of which are usually the first point of contact for site selectors
  • Has completed a Marketing Needs and Plan process that provides a roadmap for development of the organization to become a first class representative of the La Paz area in the economic development arena
  • Is developing tracking of key economic and demographic growth indicators
  • Represents the interests of the La Paz area business community by participating in local and state wide legislative and planning processes
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La Paz Economic Development Corporation Po Box 225 Parker, Arizona, 85344