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Town of Quartzsite – Overview

Quartzsite Overview | Quartzsite Population | Quartzsite Community Profile

Quartzsite is west of Phoenix at the junction of Interstate 10 and U.S. 95, near the Colorado River. The community has a Mohave Desert setting. The nearby Kofa, New Water and Plomosa Mountains provide topographic relief while the Colorado River lies only 17 miles to the west. Quartzsite was established in 1867 on the site of old Fort Tyson, a privately built structure constructed in 1856 by Charles Tyson for protection against Indian raids. Named Quartzite because quartz was occasionally found in the area, the name evolved to Quartzsite through an error in spelling.

Quartzsite At-A-Glance
La Paz County
Distance to Phoenix:
125 miles
Distance to Tucson:

296 miles

I-10, I-40, US 95, SR 95

Scenic Attractions

A rock hunter's paradise surrounds Quartzsite with agates, limonite cubes, gold, and quartz being just a few. In town, the Hi Jolly Monument honors the Arab camel driver, Hadji Ali, who took part in an unsuccessful 1850’s U.S. War Department attempt to use camels as beasts of burden in the desert. To the south rise the Kofa Mountains. Historic and scenic areas include the Spanish Wall, Crystal Hill, Tyson Tanks, and Tyson Wells Museum. South in the Kofa Mountains is Palm Canyon, a tight gorge and home of Arizona's only native palms, reached by a steep but rewarding climb. Farther south is Castle Dome Peak. There are many points of interest including the world's largest Saguaro cactus with 47 arms, historical sights, day trips and many off-raod ATV trails.